# Rule Priority

There are many inspection process in this module, so it is important to specify the inspection priority of each inspection process to avoid illogical inspection results.

The following is a list of all the tests in order of priority, from top to bottom.

  1. IP whitelist inspection
  2. IP blacklist inspection
  3. Friendly crawler verification Latest Current version only
  4. CC protection
  5. CAPTCHA Latest Current version only
  6. Under attack mode
  7. Url whitelist inspection
  8. Url blacklist inspection
  9. Get parameter blacklist inspection
  10. User-Agent blacklist inspection
  11. Referer whitelist inspection
  12. Referer blacklist inspection
  13. Cookie blacklist inspection
  14. Post request body blacklist
  15. ModSecurity

Change priority

You can modify the priority through the configuration file, but the priority of the POST request body detection is not allowed to be modified, it will always have the lowest priority. See waf_priority for details


Allows the priority of the request body inspection to be modified by the directive waf_priority.